September 2022 News

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Grants and Funding

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded approx. £25k funding by the New Anglia LEP’s Growth Through Innovation Fund, which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund. With this grant, we are now building our prototype to be launched with young athletes as proof-of-concept. 

Product Development

In the past weeks, we have been running pilots with 20 athletes to inform our product and service development. Last week, 4 young female athletes and 1 data scientist joined us for a co-creation workshop to investigate core problems experienced and potential solutions. We would like to thank these participants very much for their time, input and insights, and will continue to work with the users to design the product and services to suit their needs. We are now working with Limeapps to develop our prototype based on insights gained.


We woiuld like to thank Podium Analytics for inviting us to deliver a Lunch and Learn session in June and for the lively discussion around the mental health problems faced by and the potential solutions for athletes. We look forward to further discussions as we progress.

We spoke to the FA Women’s Super League Academy Manager on the importance of suporting mental health for female athletes. We are incredibly proud of the England Football Lionesses winning the UEFA Women’s Championship. 

We are in discussion with the England Touch Rugby Association on piloting our products and services. We would like to congratulate the England squads on their recent successes at the European Championships!

While volunteering at the Commonwealth Games, we had the opportunity to meet with delegates at the TASS Trio of Events Take Over conference, we look forward to exploring collaboration opportunities with TASS


Firstly we would like to thank all of our advisors, mentors, ambassadors and the Zinc team for your generous support. 

We’d like to thank Yiqiong Yang for being our research intern, and Rhys Thatcher for assiting us in our data science and sport science research. We are excited to have Hanan Salahadin from Boston University join us in October as Data Scientist intern. We are currently recruiting interns in Marketing and Business Development and in UX/UI Design.

Our Science Director Claire recently engaged with the BBC, filming on the importance of optimal nutrition for health. Details of the release to follow. You can find our Founders profile and connect on LinkedIn: Claire Stewart (Science Director) and Joly Zou (Business Director).

Interesting reads

The success of Football Lionesses has boosted girls and women’s participation in football and in sports more generally. Gender inequality remains an issue in sports, but changes are being made, for example, World Rugby has teamed up with the International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sport network to champion gender equality in sport <read more>. As female sport is growing rapidly, it is important to ensure that current and future athletes’ are cared for – both physically and mentally. 

In an article by BBC, athletes and psychologists discussed the future of psychology in football, such as meeting individualised athlete needs, by using psychological data to provide effective interventions <read more>. We thank our Advisor John Lambert for bringing this article to our attention.

Recruitment: We are looking for a Marketing and Business Development Intern, and a UX/UI design intern to start as soon as possible. If you know anyone who is looking to gain experience, please ask them sending CV to

Partnership: We are looking for university sports teams to collaborate with us on testing our products and services. We will deliver top-quality personalised services for team members. If you have connections with university sports teams, please introduce us.

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